About Unity

Unity is a Māori design gallery in the heart of the Matakana Village, showcasing a beautifully curated collection of fashion, design and art from leading Māori creatives.
A high quality, beautiful collection of Raranga (Weaving), Mahi Toi (Art) Kākahu (clothing) Taonga (Jewellery) Rongoa (Skincare) Whare Kainga (Homeware) to enhance your lifestyle.
Unity curates a collection from leading Māori creatives including: Rangi Kipa, Ra Gossage, Shona Tawhiao, Māori Mermaid, Nichola, Sisters Collective, Be Humble, Iwi Creations, Sands Carving Studio, Tania Tupu, Sonia Therese, Taonga by Twilight, Te Rongo Kirkwood and Sofia Minson. 
Unity's Kaupapa is all the creatives are Māori people sharing their visual storytelling. Supporting entrepreneurship and economic development. Creating an environment for people to connect.