Living in the NOW

November 22 2021 – Tania Rupapera

Living in the NOW

Living in the NOW

Unity is now ONE.

A year of sharing stories, endless hours of curating a contemporary, authentic Māori collection, connecting with people and navigating how to survive this pandemic.

Values of entrepreneurship, economic development, whanau, connection and Aroha being the fuel to keep us going.

Our WHY driving us. Our VISION of franchising and growing a Māori community of business owner operators inspiring us.

AND then there are the moments, the quiet times when disconnect from loved ones overwhelm and loneliness takes over. The catalyst and test of all our beliefs to keep going. The fatigue winning and the thoughts shift to letting it go and retreating to comfort of whanau. Letting go of the dreams and vision. Just to feel connected, loved, certainty and comfort.

That thought and memory of the day when waking, travelling, loving and being free was a daily way of life. AND now I am living in the NOW.

Observing my thoughts and feeling the energy in motion. Trusting that I will come out the other side of my grief for my lifestyle and being in the NOW. Sadness is feeling a loss, anxiety is worrying about the future. Peace is being present to now. That has become my survival tonic. 

Listening to THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle.

Thank you to all of you who have ventured out to visit us at Unity. Connecting and sharing your stories of how you have been in this pandemic. Our collective consciousness of kindness, love and connectivity will help us all to get through this. AROHA Unity whanau x



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