Unity Online Shop is OPEN

May 20 2020 – Tania Rupapera

Unity Online Shop is OPEN

Unity Online Shop is OPEN

Welcome to the world of Unity online. I am SO excited to have completed this online shop and present to you The Unity Collection.

Lockdown, amidst adjusting to the change in lifestyle, presented an opportunity.

I had been wanting to start an E-Commerce business, however my excuse was I didn't have time. Well, that old excuse wasn't president over the past several weeks.

Although I have to say I underestimated the work involved, from website content, photos to navigating Shopify. However I achieved it and I am in love with the process and connecting with beautiful wahine local and global. Online extends the reach and therefore depth of sharing. It was worth the journey. 

After lengthy research and the impact of COVID-19 on the global crisis in the fashion industry I decided to close the physical retail Matakana shop. Future plans of retail stores expansion into other regions is also now on the bookshelf in the Unity Vision folder.

The research showed a bottleneck of manufacturing and distribution of product that once we progress through this pandemic it will hit the market in a desperate need to sell and recover economically to save business and brands in the fashion industry.

I predict new styles selling at cost and therefore at the preloved price point. I also want to support designers and fellow retailers through this winter season for their business sustainability.

Unity’s values of ethical trading, circular economy and sustainability will be kept alive NOW via our online store.

I will focus on sourcing preloved high quality brands. A delicious treat in times of uncertainty to compliment your new styles.

Supporting both sectors of the industry contributes to sustainability of business and reduces landfill of over produced product lines sitting unsold in closed retail stores. It was a hard decision to exit the physical space but these times are too uncertain to continue.

I will be running my e-commerce recycle boutique from my home office. Sing out if you have styles to sell at Unity Online or if there is something your looking for, for yourself and I will keep an eye out for you.

I look forward to connecting with you in the virtual world until we meet kanohi ki te kanohi   



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