UNITY in GOOD Magazine

May 19 2020 – Tania Rupapera

UNITY in GOOD Magazine

UNITY in GOOD Magazine

I hope you are all navigating your way as positively as possible through these uncertain COVID-19 times that we are living in.

It brightened my day when I read GOOD magazine mid lockdown with this beautiful story about the Unity Matakana retail store.

In todays climate I decided to move UNITY to online and I closed the physical retail Matakana Store. It was a GOOD moment to receive the magazine, acknowledging the achievement that I did have over the summer with the beautiful store. 

It was a short and sweet experience meeting beautiful local wahine and travellers visiting our coast. And a sad moment closing the doors on the dream. Timing isn't the moment for the store but it was the moment for seeing this story. 

I have to say that at first I was slightly unsure about how I felt about E-Commerce but as I progressed through the website with the photography and editing of the collection I actually fell in love with the process and I absolutely love the website and the new way of connecting. 

See you in the virtual world. Aroha x




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